Being Green

forgottenmobile is committed to being green wherever possible and minimising any effects that we have as a business on the environment. As a recycling company, we help prevent mobile phones containing potentially toxic chemicals and multimedia products being sent to UK landfill. However, our efforts don’t stop there, we also work to ISO14001 standards in our office.

Here are a few examples of how we as a business are committed to ‘being green’.

  • All marketing materials are proof read twice to ensure no mistakes are made in our print runs.
  • Incorrectly printed materials are turned into notebooks for our staff to use.
  • Where possible, our marketing materials are produced on FSC approved materials.
  • Almost everything we use in the office is recycled. We recycle our toners, paper, cans, plastic bottles, polystyrene and anything else that is recyleable. We also reuse all cardboard boxes that are used through our deliveries.
  • We place a message in our emails to ensure that the receiver only prints the email if absolutely neccessary.
  • We scan instead of photocopy. Scanning documents and emailing them reduce paper use.
  • All electrical equipment is turned off at the plug when not in use to ensure devices do not remain on standby.