Mobile Phone Recycling

There are more than 4,000 different types of mobile phone and we recycle all of them regardless of age or condition and every handset has a value!

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DVDs and CDs Recycling

Maximise revenue by recycling media products that don't sell within your retail operation with a value for every item!

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Currency and Jewellery Recycling

Recycling currency and costume/broken jewellery has never been easier and provides a fantastic revenue stream for your charity!

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Recycling for Charity, Schools and Corporates

forgottenmobile is a recycling company offering a unique service, working primarily with Charities, Schools and Corporate organisations. We pride ourselves on working extremely closely with our Partner Organisations and take a very creative and proactive approach when looking to generate additional funding for them. We provide you with all you need to start recycling with very little resource required from your organisation.

Benefits of working with forgottenmobile to raise funds

Resource – No extra resource required from our partners, we will manage the whole process from beginning to the end, paying funds directly into your organisation's bank account on a regular basis.

Direct Collections – We use our own nationwide fleet of vans for secure collections. Our drivers ensure all items are suitable packed upon collection, and take a photograph of each collection, with an electronic signature upon receipt.

Your Partner and Corporate Organsiations – At we are keen to work proactively with your Partner organisation to drive and create additional donations and funding. With all the usual marketing materials again supplied free of charge.

Marketing Material – All specific and bespoke to your organisation, created, printed and delivered free of charge to offices, shops or any other collection location.

What We Recycle

Mobile Phones – Every mobile phone has a value, regardless of age or condition and chargers are not required.

Media - DVDs and CDs – Every DVD and CD has a value, regardless of item condition and even obscure titles.

Broken/Costume Jewellery – We don't just recycle precious metals such as gold and silver, we also want your old customer jewellery and broken jewellery and watches.

Foreign Currency – We can recycle all types of currency, including existing currencies such as Dollars and Euros, to pre-Euro and pre-decimal currencies such as Pesetas, Lira and old English money

Our Charity Partners


forgottenmobile Launch New Website

After diversifying the products that forgottenmobile recycle, we felt it was time for a new website! Please feel free to browse our site and read more about the changes that have taken place within the business. We more than welcome your feedback, both good and bad, so please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks […]

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